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Strapping Materials and Supplies

Acre Packaging offer all types of Plastic and Polypropylene Strapping Supplies and products throughout the UK.  We hold a large amount of different strap in stock , and also supply machines and kits 

  • Polypropylene Strapping
  • Polypropylene Tape
  • Polyester Strap
  • Smooth Unembossed strapping (copy of signode dylastic ® strap)
  • Woven Cord Polyester Banding and tape
  • Bale Press
  • Composite Polyester (Plastic coated cord polyester)
  • Hot Melt Cord Polyester  (Non-woven monofilament)
  • Steel Strapping (Ribbon wound).
  • Steel Strapping (Mill / Oscillation wound)
  • Printed available directly onto band

Hand Strapping

Huge range of strapping ideal for hand kits and machines. Available in a variety of lengths and materials.

Machine Strapping

Strapping ideal for machine use. Available in a variety of lengths and materials.

Spares, Buckles, Seals and Accessories

We stock a good supply of different fasteners, buckles, seals and more

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About Us

Acre Packaging supply a range of new and used strapping machines across the UK. We also supply all types of packaging materials and equipment.

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Strapping Materials and Supplies : Acre Packaging

A large range of Strapping Materials and Supplies for use with a range of automatic and hand strapping kits.