Foam Packaging



Foam Packaging and all types of Foam Packing Supplies from Acre Packaging

Foam Packaging can be supplied in a wide range of widths and several thicknesses . It is non-abrasive, non-corrosive and gives super lightweight transit protection.
Acre Packaging can supply all types of foam packing materials in a variety of ways:-

  • Bags
  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Bespoke Cutting Service.

Self Gripping Foam Edge Protection System

Foam Edge Protection polyethylene profiles, the new generation of edge & corner protectors. We can supply a self gripping edge protector in the following sizes:-

  • 8/18       Quantity per carton = 400 metres
  • 15/28     Quantity per carton = 340 metres
  • 20/35     Quantity per carton = 260 metres
  • 25/42     Quantity per carton = 190 metres
  • 0/60       Quantity per carton = 144 metres
  • 60/80     Quantity per carton =   90 metres
  • 70/90     Quantity per carton =   80 metres
  • 90/110   Quantity per carton =   36 metres
  • 110/130 Quantity per carton =   32 metres

These naturally produced edge protectors are made from environmentally sustainable materials (without CFC’s or HCFC’s) and come in a wide range of shapes & sizes to offer the ultimate in edge and product protection.
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