Corrugated Boxes and Packaging



All types of Corrugated Packaging, and other packaging products

Acre Packaging supply all types of packaging and corrugated packaging, available in either small or large quanitities and different sizes and formats. Corrugated Cartons and Corrugated paper are particularly useful for all types of packaging applications.

Corrugated Cartons

Acre Packaging can supply almost any size and quantity required in both single or double wall carton, suitable for most trades.

Corrugated Paper

Acre Packaging stock a range of sizes of this popular form of lightweight and economical protection, suitable for most general packaging needs. This product is fully recycable and sizes start at 150mm wide up to 1800mm wide.  All sizes are 75 mtrs long.

Tissue Paper

Acre Packaging can supply a range of tissue paper in both Acid Free & Machine Glazed.

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