Packaging and Strapping Machines

A range of strapping and Packaging Machines from Akebono and Strapack. Used machines often in stock

We have extensive experience supplying, installing, and servicing Packaging and Strapping Machines across the UK. We have a range of both new and used machines in stock. These are from the major suppliers such as Akebono, Strapack, and Transpak. We only supply packing machinery which is suitable for our customers needs. In this way, we provide you with the right machine at a competitive price.

Packaging Machines are indispensable in the workplace, workshop, despatch area or warehouse. They can save hours of man time when compared to conventional methods of packaging. The time difference between packaging by hand is vastly different. Machine packed products are more secure, less likely to incur breakages, and easier to handle.

Most machines tend to use either polyester or polypropylene strap. Polyester is generally used for medium to heavy applications. Polypropylene is more cost effective but not as strong.

The operating systems for all our machines are well proven and engineered. All units comply to CE specifications and backed up by a full warranty covering parts and labour. Also, you have the backup of our own team of service engineers.


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