Air cushioning machines and pillopax

A range of Air Cushion Packaging Systems and Pillopax Machines.

 PX1500 Air Cushion Pillopax Machine

The PX1500 is our latest Inflatable Air Cushion Pillopax machine. We now have one of the most versatile Air Cushion Pillopax machines available on the market today.

  • px1500_wide_roll_300For all air cushion film types – total flexibility
  • New Bio Compostable film
  • Extra heavy duty Film
  • Suitable for new 400mm wide air cushion film
  • Suitable for quilted bubble film
  • High Speed – 18mtrs per minute
  • New pre-programmed control panel
  • New quiet function
  • Size – 520mm x 480mm x 400mm
  • one of the leading air cushion pillopax systems available today.

All Air Cushion Pillopax systems benefit from:-

  • Reduced storage (1 roll of Pillopax Air Cushion Packaging = 8 bags of loosefill packaging)
  • User friendly
  • Ultimate presentation
  • Easily recycled

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need more information about any of ourt air Cushion systems, please feel free to contact us via our E-mail enquiry form or just give us a call.